Friday, 15th December, 2017

Trump 2.0

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Is the Republican Party Coming Apart?

Donald Trump has succeeded in doing what almost no one thought he could: he has for all intents and purposes secured the position of Republican nominee for his own. This has not been a quiet revolution: almost everyone in the… Continue Reading →

The president of United States

Donald Trump has outlined what he will do if he becomes the president of the United States. Trump said in an interview that the main points of his campaign promises will actually happen within the first 100 days after he… Continue Reading →

Trump wants a discount!

Donald Trump has recently made one of his more controversial policy statements: Trump said on Thursday that his way of dealing with the national debt is to “convince our creditors to take less than the full amount.” Trump’s idea is… Continue Reading →

Shocking: Trump and Clinton are cousins!

An Israeli website reveals that the front-runners for the Republican and Democratic presidential nomination — share a common ancestor from England 18 generations ago. (ANTIMEDIA) Author A.J. Jacobs and a team of researchers with genealogy web sites and… Continue Reading →

Surprise: Donald Trump has a kippah!

Marc Daniels, a Jew from Illinois, made a Red kippah with his favorite premier candidate Donald Trump, and got a personal signing When republican leading candidate Donald Trump arrived in De Moines, capital of Iowa, he probably did not expect… Continue Reading →

Holy Trump

Leading Republican candidate, Donald Trump, reveals that his favorite quote in the bible is “Eye for an eye”. During an interview on rochester radio station, Trump was asked if there is a favorite story or a phrase from the bible,… Continue Reading →

Trust Me!

Bill is smart. Bill knows. Be like Bill! We Recommend: DONALD TRUMP For President 2016 Election Colorized $2 Bill US Legal Tender Money Shocking: Trump and Clinton are cousins! 4 DONALD TRUMP PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS 2016 – Pinbacks Badge Button Pin… Continue Reading →

Guess whom these beautiful girls stripped for?

There is no doubt current election race brought a lot of drama and headlines in United States and abroad, but on top of all, that is going to be the most interesting story till now – Twitter account of all… Continue Reading →

Know who’ll win?
Come and make some money!

Think you know who will follow barac obama ? Sure your candidate is the next president of United States? Wanna bet? Nowadays, everyting is bettable! Polls showing close match at the top, between Trump, Clinton and Sanders, with Clinton with… Continue Reading →

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