Almost seventy years the State of Israel exists, while in a tense situation and the war against most of its neighbors, by being democratic.
For decades was the American people and President Federation head strong and united world leader States of America, alongside the State of Israel and the Jewish people as such.
Best friend in the Oval Office, the partner most suitable way to control the Middle East and economic changes in the world, is the Republican candidate, Mr. Donald J. Trump, whom we support the 2016 US presidential race.

In this site you will find a non-party position, right and left, Israeli, American and world come together for a sole logical and clear purpose – election of Mr. Donald Trump, the man who never ceases to surprise positively and for the benefit of all, the position that targets the top of American States, and in fact, the leader of the free world, one that would restore the lost honor of the West against terrorism in Syria, anarchy in Iraq, Iran’s plans, economic deterioration due to the Mexican border and the personal security of every person, American, Christian, Jewish or otherwise, in America and the rest of the world.

Donald John Trump – the one who WILL make America, strongest nation in the world – great again.

Share information, send us yours and use this site to assist the joint supreme goal. Mr. Trump, all Israel stands behind you, “All the world is a very narrow bridge, and the most important thing is not to fear at all”.